PyFlashCards: A Python flash card testing tool

Hi all! After much tinkering, here’s my initial Portfolio Project – a tool for creating and testing yourself on decks of virtual flash cards, saved as CSVs, called PyFlashCards.

Looking around here I realise I’ve done a much worse job than many of splitting my code up into multiple files, naming the main script file helpfully, etc., so perhaps that’s the next frontier. To change that side of things I expect I need to learn how to create a whole new branch on git and make it ‘main’.

My project on GitHub

My stupidly long post about it on

Hi, dulle_griet! I’m pretty new to Python, so your code was way over my head, technically! But it is incredibly well documented. I was able to learn new syntax from reading through your code. The logic you followed in the sequence of your program made perfect sense. This was a great idea and was very well executed!