Py print does seem to work? Am I using it wrong?

I cannot finish exercise if I do it the way they asked me to. Whenever I use “py print (type(my_baby_bool_two))” it marked exercise as complete but instead printing True I get an error message “File “”, line 2
py print (type(my_baby_bool_two))
SyntaxError: invalid syntax”

Why is that?

can we see your full code?

my_baby_bool_two = True
py print (type(my_baby_bool_two))


py print (type(my_baby_bool_two))

why do you have py at the beginning of the line? Its a undefined variable

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It said so in an exercise. But even when I removed py (without accidentally making an indentation) I had the same error.

without the py i don’t get an error in your code:


can you share an updated version of your code?

Ok, my mistake, it gives me <class ‘bool’> but in exercise it says that I should get True or False in return.

Then don’t use type. Then you get the Boolean value of the variable

Thanks for mentioning this, We’re fixing that hint so nobody else gets confused by it.