Puzzled about Variables

I am stuck on the coding bit here

1public class Variables {
2	public static void main(String[] args) {
4		int myNumber = 42;
5		boolean isFun; 
6		char movieRating; 
8	     }
9 }

i have done the 'int myNumber = 42;
but i dont have the hang of ‘boolean isFun;’

You posted in the wrong section, this is Javascript section of the forum not Java.

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public class WhiteSpace {
public static void main(String args) {

	boolean isFormatted = false;System.out.println(isFormatted);



The given code is poorly formatted. Place System.out.println(isFormatted); on line 5 so that it is easier to read.
this is I don’t understand I want to run but something wrong in this code and what mean place this code on 5

you have to initialize a boolean (true or false) value to it.

boolean isFormatted= true or false