Putting two columns into a document for the design system project

Unfortunately, I am at work and I’m unable to provide all of the information that is asked for when posting.
I’m having an issue figuring out how to add a section with 2 columns in it so that I can provide a decent looking example of my type scales for the fonts I’m using.
I apologize for the lack of information, I figured I would at least take the small amount of time that I have to at least try and explain what I’m attempting to do. Thank you to anyone willing to assist me! I seriously appreciate it.

Hi there!

To create two columns, you will want to use flexbox or grid. However, I do not know where you are currently in your lessons—have you learned these display properties yet? If not, you could use a table displaying different fonts/font sizes.

I’ve yet to learn about the flexbox or grid, however, I’ve decided to display each element in a card format and it’s all working out very nicely so far. I feel I should have simplified this project a bit more than what I’ve done but I’m here now lol. Thank you for the information!

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