Putting it all together



need help with the steps
Check out the text in the editor to the right. On the HTML tab:

Give the h2 header an ID of "intro".
Give the first h3 and first p a class of "standout". Don't do anything to the second h3 and p!
On the CSS tab:

Inside the #intro selector, set color to #B83C3A.
Inside the .standout selector, set color to #F7AC5F and font-family to Verdana.
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Remember: on the HTML tab, you assign IDs and classes like this:

My heading

A paragraph

On the CSS tab, you set styling like so:

.classname {
/*Some CSS!*/

idname {

/*Some CSS!*/



Hey there, what exactly confuses you?


help with the steps.


I mean ... what's not clear?

<h2 id='intro'>

Same goes for the class attribute.

Regarding CSS, you can follow provided hints, just make sure to replace .classname with an actual class name (.standout). Same with #idname.


I have done all of the above but I am still getting an error "Oops, try again. Did you remember to set .standout's color to #F7AC5F?"

Here is my code -

intro {


.standout {
color: #F7AC5F; font-family: Verdana};


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