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I’ve been working through different languages and have been loving it. I’ve created a couple of small programs now that I’m proud of. The first is for accessing Cisco’s UCM to find phone counts. The second is an app that utilizes a Yelp API to quickly find lunch in my area based on various parameters.

These are all excellent, but I have to go into command prompt whenever I want to run them, and if I want other people to be able to run them, they have to download the modules I used when I created it.

I’m struggling to understand how to put it all together. How do I take my programs and make them usable by everybody. I’ve read a little bit on packaging it together, but that doesn’t seem to do what I expect it to.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated!

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What language are these programs written in then?

Well, you would need to build a GUI around your program, bundle all that and make it installable, which is a complicated and long process.

Which is why we have so many websites these days (There is a website for everything), given everyone already has a browser installed. So a lot of “apps” just run in a website.

There are many ways to do what you want, there isn’t one definitive answer to your question

Thanks @stetim94,

My programs were written with Python.

Is there anywhere I can look for a general understanding of this process?

Thank you!

Deploying python is difficult, it means you have to google a lot to find a solution you like, which can be very overwhelming.

Okay, someone made a good summary here:


Seems using Pyinstaller, allowing your code to be deployed cross platform.

Py2exe doesn’t seem to be actively developed anymore

Besides the GUI tools mention (which can help to develop your program), i believe there is also Kivy. Also worth looking into

The alternative is deploy as package, but then it will require command line to install and will mostly be used by other developers.

Or you could use Django to make the back-end of a website, and deploy that. How did i forget that?

No further questions? Its a lot to digest

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