Putting it all together. Bugged!


I can't see anything wrong with my code, which is why i believe it might be bugged. please if i'm wrong someone correct me, or if it's bugged please fix i'd like to keep advancing. ASAP!


"Oops, try again. Buddy should have a property named 'species' that is set to 'golden retriever' "

// help us make snoopy using literal notation
// Remember snoopy is a "beagle" and is 10 years old.
var snoopy = {
species: "beagle",
age: 10

// help make buddy using constructor notation
// buddy is a "golden retriever" and is 5 years old
var buddy = new Object();
buddy.species = "golden retriver";
buddy.age = 5;


this line:

buddy.species = "golden retriver";

you misspelled retriever


OMG! how embarrassing! lmao :smiley: Thank you! guess i was too close to the problem, that I forgot to pay attention to my spelling haha