Putting it all together #13


someone help please! it keep saying I'm forgetting to add the intro id to header 2


You got your header

<h2> My header </h2>

Now you need to add in the id

<h2 id="myid"> My header </h2>

You don't add it as another tag you just add in id="yourid" between <h2 and >


It still is saying I haven't added the intro id to the h2, even after making your suggested changes, ugh!! thank you for your help


no no I used the word 'myid' as an example you need to use 'intro' as specified in instructions

Use your own text follow the instructions I just used those as examples


When you have a paragraph/heading or any of other many html elements:


you can add an id of a class to the opening tag (<h2>):

<h2 id="idname">heading</h2>

idname is just a name i made up, to demonstrate how to add id's to elements. In this process, you do not create additional tags