Put Logic in a Render Function - STILL NOT WORKING

I have posted this two weeks ago hoping this issue would be fixed but I’m still having problems with this exercise. I have moved my code from line 21 to line 20, I have reset the exercise but nothing works. Can someone let me know how to pass through it?

Here is the link to the exercise:

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There is a bug. I just reported it.

var friend = friends[1];
var friend = friends[0];

And it will run without error.


Use this http://joxi.ru/8AnozjzHq37dYr

I changed it to
var friend = friends[0];

but still throws err.


var friend = friends[0];
ReferenceError: friends is not defined
at [object Object].render (app.js:22:18)
at [object

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Yeah. I had the same problem. Changing to friends[0] works.

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hi stuthi, can you pls share the whole code if possible. Just want to check if I am missing somewhere.

Hi! This is the code I have written. But I think now it works for all of them. That’s friends[0], friends[1] and friends[2]. Seems like they have fixed the bug.

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Hi, did the error you posted got fixed?

I couldn’t fix the error. you your’s got fixed can you please share the solution?

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