Put images into Workspaces

Which is the best way to put images into workspaces?
I already read this forum-discussion about this question.

However, there’s written
"When dealing with assets like images, we will often want to include them in a folder which will also contain our HTML document. "
Nevertheless, the link which should explain how to do this with workspaces doesn’t work and within the discussion below I can’t find an explanation either.

Maybe you can help me :slight_smile: ?

Hi @chris.g

Good question! Workspaces don’t currently support uploading files but for an externally hosted image you can do:

<img src={linkToExternalImage}/>

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The workspaces may not support uploading of images, but this forum does. I may get a slap on the wrist for suggesting this, but…

Start a new post (even in this thread is okay). Upload your image. It will go into CC’s database for the forum. Copy the image URL and paste it into your HTML, as Mary has suggested. Run the page. Is the image there?

Now you can return to the post and delete it. Check if the image is still present when you REFRESH your workspace. If not, then the only option is to restore the post. However, I find that unlikely.


Well, it worked, also after deleting and refreshing. However, what can I do with the next pictures I want to put into workspaces? I don’t think the moderators here will be so happy if I all the time post pictures and delete them afterwords :sweat_smile: ?

So maybe I should upload pictures somewhere else?

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Given that we can delete the post, the further option would be to not post it, just use it long enough to do the upload and get the URL. Paste it into the HTML and run it, then go back and Cancel the post.

Bottom line, eventually we would hope that image uploading will be supported in Workspaces. But like other short lived experiments, this one may not last, either. If what you are creating is something you want to last, then find a more permanent place to install it.

Also, consider a picture hosting site. Upload your images there, and use those URLs in your HTML. Problem solved.

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I wanted to use google drive for this but it doesn’t work.
This here is the link:

And I put it into workspaces like this:

Do you know where the mistake is?

To use Drive, one supposes that like YouTube Premium, you need to be logged into Gmail.

Well, I created a gmail adress for this purpose and am logged in now (I have also been logged in into my google account all the time), but it still doesn’t work.

Here again the code with the link to the pic:

You may be logged in, so will have access. The page, however, is not able to access it. A user with a gmail account might be able to access it, but it still comes down to where the request is coming from.

Well I coudn’t see the pic as well - despite being logged into gmail :sweat_smile:

However I registered now to a picture hosting plattform (as you suggested) and now it finally seems to work :sweat_smile:


Helpful posts… what was the picture platform that you used?