Put a line across a page in HTML

Hi. I’m trying to create an advertisement inside a block of text (like you might see in a news feed on an App). It has to be in HTML. The result I’m looking for is a line across the page with the words ‘Sponsored Content’ in the middle of the line. Then I’ll put my text, image and links - no issue doing that. Then underneath I want a line that goes right across the page hence creating a top and bottom line. Anyone know the HTML code for the lines?

Hey Tonyoregan,

You can use the <hr> tag to get this:

…or you could apply border-top and border-bottom to the parent element of your ad stuff, like this:

<!-- html -->
<!-- other stuff -->
<div class="ad-container">
  <!-- advertisement image -->
  <!-- advertisement description text -->
<!-- other stuff -->
/* css */
.ad-container {
  border-top: 1px solid gray;
  border-bottom: 1px solid gray;
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Sponsored Content

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If you’re wondering how he did the “half line” thing up there, it’s coded like so:

<hr width="50%">