Pushing to a Web Server using NodeJS and MySQL

Hi everyone

Been working on a project using MySQL and NodeJS and have made a sign-up/login program locally. I was wondering if there were any free programs that supported both MySQL and Node that I could host my server on.


You could look at something like Heroku.

It’s basically a cloud-app focused front-end for AWS, but it supports Node natively for running the app and you can connect to MySQL through an add-on.

You can use it for free, but it’s time limited - if you’re just trying stuff out, it can be useful.

Here’s some info.

I use Heroku to run a couple of hobby apps, and I find the free dynos are good for prototyping. :slight_smile:

Is there anyway to use it with out a credit card? :smirk: I looked at it, but you can’t add ClearDB or JawsDB without a credit card.

Yes, but you’d need to switch from using MySQL to Postgres.

Oh crap, how different is it from MySQL?

I’m not hugely familiar with MySQL tbh, so I’m not sure.

I’d hazard a guess that, unless you’re doing something real weird in MySQL that your SQL will probably work fine in Postgres. Don’t know how much work would be involved in refactoring your Node application though, as I think you’d need a different library to talk to Postgres?

I’m not sure whether any of the big names in cloud compute have a free offering that doesn’t need some kind of payment method… since the implied caveat is “if you use too much, we’ll bill you” usually. :frowning:

Right, but as long as I use the free methods and don’t go over :wink:

Let me research that one for a bit…

Or you could just use any VPS (virtual personal server), this means more manual configuration, but then you can use any database engine you like. (assuming its available on Linux)

There are many VPS:


Maybe not free, but doing some manual configuration before going to tools like heroku is a good idea to improve your understanding of how all this works

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