Pushing multiple lines at once (to the right or left)

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I am coding in visual studio code. When setting up some general coding in either html or css, sometimes I realize that I need multiple lines further to the right (or left) to make room for something (like a new parent). What I do now (I am pretty new to this), is to set every line manually with the tab. This takes time, and seems to be a bad way to do it. I have seen videos of others do it with multiple lines (ex: all lines inside a section) with a single click (without saying how they do it)…

Can someone help me learn how to do this? :smiley:

Ps: I really like a real nickname too… but could not figure out how :cry:

You can use the hot key ctrl+[. Just hightlight the text you want to be moved and each time you use the hot key it will be moved the indentation amount you put in your settings.

And you name on the forums is your username on codecademy.

How do I make and use hot keys? Sorry, really new to this…

I have tried to change my username, but I only manage to change my full name…

You press and hold the first key then press (not hold) the second key.

You need to change you username on Codecademy.com then log out and back into the forums

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but [ is not a single key… at least not on my keyboard… I need to push “alt gr” + “9” to get it. How can I hold ctrl and click on “alt gr” + “9”?

I have changed username, logged out and in… It doesn’t work… Guess I will have to live with randomness…

When holding ctrl and alt gr (while higlighting) I managed to write [ in both ends :laughing: Not the thing I was trying to do, but could be useful too :laughing:

The regular (common but by no means all) shortcuts are linked on this page and it also shows links to a page on editing them which might be a decent choice if your keyboard makes some combinations too difficult-

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Thank you! Looks like I will learn a lot from there! :smiley: (Including what I was looking for! :smiley: )

I dont know if it is exactly what are you looking for,
But there is some shortcuts, if you press alt+shift+f, it will make it beauty, in the case that you dont have a beauty set install, it will ask you to install it (you will normally need one beauty set for each language).
So you will not have to take care of the tabs, it will be done alone.