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Hello guys. I have problem with push to Git, when i trying to push as says guide (git push -u origin master), it’s ask for login and password, i typing in Login, it pass, but i cant enter password, its just didnt react. Only CTRL+Z stops this proccess. I can’t enter password, keyboard didnt react. Only CTRL+Z. Google don’t know the answer.

If you mean that characters aren’t showing up then it may intentionally not be printing them similar to how in other places stars often show up in password fields.

If it really isn’t working then you can also use ssh keys, you would generate the key on the machine you’re pushing from, and add the public key to your github account (can remove later when you’re done)
The command ssh-keygen would let you generate such a key-pair

CtrlZ should only suspend it (assuming it’s working correctly with the browser and what not), it can be resumed in the background or foreground, or be killed.

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jesus, your right, its just didnt print password, i dont even think about it. As always, when you think somthing too hard, maybe its just too easy. Thank for help.


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