Purpose of different HTML heading tags

Are the HTML heading tags <h1>–<h6> just different formatting sizes for headings?

Or can HTML documents only have between 1 and 6 headings?


It is just different formatting sizes. You can lots of heading tags, more than 6 in fact.

I hope this helps =)


There are 6 tags, but you can have more. You would do this with the css font-size property.
Though this is off topic from The html fourm


Not completely. You were just showing a different way. It would be off-topic if you’re talking about HTML, then the answer to Computer Science or Python. You were just showing a different way to do it.

The <p> tag is another one.

Not exactly, no. Formatting has nothing to do with it. They rank hierarchy, or level of importance. H1 is the highest level, and H6 the lowest.

We do not select a heading for its appearance. A well-formed document will follow an outline, starting with the document title which would naturally be an H1. Major sections of the document will have H2 headings, and topics within those sections will have H3. Depending how much is actually contained in a page, there may be need for subsequent headings, according to their minor importance.

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