"'list' object is not callable"

I don't understand what s going wrong here

Replace this line with your code. .

def purify(List):
    newList = []
    for number in List:
        if number % 2 == 0:
    return newList


Hi @codejumper39615,

Is the code that you posted your entire submission for this exercise? If so, refresh the page and submit it again. However, if there are additional lines of code, we need to see them in order to diagnose the problem.

List is a permissible name for a variable, since Python is case sensitive, and it differs from the name list. However, it is conventional to begin names of most variables with a lowercase letter, therefore it would be best to choose another name for that variable.


thank you for your answer .. her is my code:

def purifier(max):
newList = []
for number in max:
if number % 2 == 0:
return newList

return :'list' object is not callable".


I use it in French but same error


I ve respected indentation in my code


There is a bug in the submission correctness test (SCT) for this exercise, so a correct solution does not pass.

As a workaround, place this at the beginning of your code and submit it again ...

class str(object):
    def __add__(a, b):
        return True

Link to exercise, for reference: Purifiez


it works thank you appylpye