I have written this code and it works perfectly fine in the Python IDLE
but it's not working in the codecademy's editor.

def purify(lst):
    for i in range(1,len(lst)+1):
        if i%2==0:
    return new_list


Did you call your function?

have a look at this line


where does the new_list come from?


its an empty list which i forgot to mention and yeah i called that function but i didnt pass the codecademy test


now see

for i in range(1,len(lst)+1):

here what is i ? It’s looping from 1 to the length of the lst.
but it should be loop through the values of the lst.then you can check whether or not the number (i in the loop) is divided by two has a remainder of 0.


def purify(numbers):
new_numbers = [] # to add something to an empty list you shoud declare it first…
for i in numbers: # when u specify range you are checking numbers from 1 to a length of input list
if i % 2 == 0:
return new_numbers

this is my example


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