Pulling in a XML file from a URL into database

I have gone through the php course and the basic sql course. However, what I am trying to build really wasn’t mentioned in these courses.

I want to pull down a xml feed from an URL, format it and then add it to a table in my database. Where I can then customize it and output it in a different format. However, I am so new to everything I don’t really know what the best way to do this is. Is using php and mysql a good system for customizing datafeed or is there another setup that is more standardized for customizing datafeeds. If I could just get a little feedback on if php & mysql is a good setup for working and customizing datafeeds that would be helpful or if you guys know of a better way to do this I would love your feedback.

There is only one big decision you have to make: SQL or NoSQL database. Both systems have some pros and cons. I advise you to read few articles about differences between these two systems and choose the best for your project.

The specific database and server-side language should be a matter of your personal preferences. Do you feel good with your PHP skills? Great, use it.

I assume here that this is your personal project and that you will not have to maintain it for the next 30 years. If you plan to work with a group of developers you should ask them if they are ok with the chosen setup, for example, I would not agree to work with PHP. And if you want to maintain your project for a long term it would be wise to choose stable database and language with very long technical support and active community.

@factoradic Thanks so much for your feedback, it really helps me with this project. Yes, you are right, this is just a personal project I am doing to help push myself to better learn how to programming and work with databases. I am so new to everything I am really not sure where to start, so thanks for you feedback and direction with this.