Publishing websites

html body{background-color: #000000ff; color: #ffffffff}
why didnt that work?! <style

hi i would like 2 no:
  1. how do i actually publish websites? ive never done it before • plus its complicated... i think? and
  2. how to use the nav element?
which one are you going 2 answer 1 or 2
please enter below

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Welcome to the forums!

Question 1

You need a hosting provider to actually take that website, host it on a server somewhere, and provide access to it across the internet so that it can be accessed by anyone.

There’s a lot of different choices for hosting providers (Netlify, Heroku, GH Pages, Vercel et cetera) and each of them will have it’s pros and cons, I’d strongly recommend doing some research on what would be the most appropriate for your site.

That said, I can personally recommend GitHub Pages, in my opinion it’s one of the far more beginner friendly and easy to set up options, and it just requires you to upload your code to a GitHub repository and change a setting to enable “Pages”. If you wanted to go down that route there’s many good tutorials online for how to set it up (same goes for most other main hosting providers).

Question 2

The <nav> element is designed to contain all of the site navigation links that are (often) at the top of the page. On Codecademy for example this would be these links:
While here on the forums it’s these (may vary depending on your forum theme):

Technically you could just put them inside of a <div>, but using <nav> instead has the benefit of being much more semantic, which really improves accessability (for example for a user that may have a visual impairment browsing using a screen-reader)


Thank you! I found a good website to make a website on. (w3schools, spaces)
Also, {input}s don't work on codecademy forums. (whatever)
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