Publishing Guide Content on Codecademy

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One of my teammates has highly recommended Codecademy’s forum. My group is also looking to use DIscourse and offer a tutorials section for our users. I see that all of your guide posts are posted via the ‘wikibot.’ (See example: FAQ: Functions - Putting It All Together). Are you using a CMS to manage your guide content and publish directly to the forum? Any insights or tips are helpful. Our administrators were going to simply create and manage our tutorials directly in our forum.


Tagging in @oduffy, who has a closer connection to the engineering team responsible for building the back-end. There is some CMS involved, as I understand.


We’ve got a pretty close integration with Discourse and their API is pretty powerful. We have our own in-house CMS. The two are patched together in a very similar way that Discourse can be embedded in blogs.

With questions about Discourse implementation, I’d recommend heading to the Discourse meta forums, they can help you with Discourse specific questions better than us here as just users.


Thanks @mtf and @oduffy.

@oduffy - was this in-house CMS developed specifically for Discourse? I suppose you’re already using it to satisfy other needs as well…

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  1. you’re welcome!
  2. No it’s made for, we’re a content business after all.
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