Published first project in git hub

hey! i am doing the cs path, and i love your site! amazing tool for study!
i just published first project in github (game of chance ) and i will be happy for review


Good job. The only thing I can think of is that your code can benefit from is the use of what is called formatted string literals or f-string in your print statement. They make your print statements easier to read and help you avoid mistakes when using different type variables in your print statement. For example, by using f-string, your print statement from line 19 can be rewritten like so: print(f"You won {bet} shekel, and you have in total {money+bet} shekel"). Here are the couple links to the articles that describe f-string in more detail: f-strings in Python 3 – Formatted string literals and Official Documentation. I hope you find f-string useful. Otherwise, a good job.


thank you very much bro, realy helpful advice.

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You are welcome. I came across f-strings by accident. This is not something that is taught by Codecademy. I do not know why. They have been part of Python since version 3.6. I am glad you found them as useful as I do.

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