PT_BR Translation won't apply

Hi there,

for some time now the portuguese translation is not applying to any course. I understand not everything is translated, but even the first lessons of Python or HTML courses are now english only.

Is there a problem?

No, the translation is purely for the site, not the lessons.

In the old learning environment (which is finally taken down), there where also multiple languages for the actual courses. Courses in the new learning environment in different languages is still on the TODO list of codecademy.

So much programming documentation is in english, i am not saying english is a must, but its certainly very handy.


Hi stetim94,

Codecademy should consider releasing a newsletter (or any other official communication) regarding this matter. Back in 2014-15 when some of the courses were released in portuguese, there was some fuss in the local specialized media (pt-br media) announcing that Codecademy now had portuguese courses.
To this day, if you search for “online interative programming courses” (in pt-br ofc), the info that Codecademy offers 18 portuguese courses is still on the 1° or 2° page of Google searches, so I predict you will have threads such as this or this for some time to come.

I understand your point. The issue is that, its simple to understand this argument from an english speaker standpoint, but when you have zero english skills, and zero programming skills, it gets rather difficult.

Anyway, I appreciate your clarification on the matter, thanks!

such posts are inevitable due to the switch and this feature no longer existing, it would be a massive effort to try and scrub it all from google and all other search engines. As such, its okay that such posts occur from time to time, then we can explain it, the upgrade to new learning environment, like explained here:

and that the courses in different languages is something on the wish list, but not yet ported to new environment.

English isn’t my native language, and i am still making this argument.

Mine neither. This is not where I’m going with this argument. Of course a person can learn english and can learn programming, It’s a matter of timing. If someone doesn’t know either but want to learn programming, it would be easier to do so using his native language.

Anyhow this is irrelevant. My original doubt was clarified. Thanks!