Pseudo class

I am new to coding and I started the CSS course.
In lesson 7/14 we learn about pseudo-classes and given an exercise and asked to add a :hover to a “a” selector so that when we hover over a link it will change to dark orange.

this is what I coded:


For some reason it’s not working and when I hover over an anchor, it doesn’t change the color.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi and welcome to the forums!

The code in your screenshot is totally fine, and works as normal when I do that exercise with it. I would check to make sure nothing else could be interfering with it (is there maybe an !important tag on another anchor selector for example?) Also perhaps check that it’s saved correctly, maybe giving a refresh of some sort. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell without seeing your full code, so if the above doesn’t work I’d appreciate if you copied that into here using the </> symbol in this text editor, and I can hopefully be more help!


Thanks for your response.
You were right, I apparently needed to refresh the page. It is now working!
Thanks :slight_smile: