Pseudo-class selector link and visited are not working,,can u tell me whats wrong in the code


<a href =""> Study Site </a> <br>
<a href ="">Book's </a><br>
<a href =""> India Tv News </a>







What do you mean not working? there are a few problems here: nth-child count all elements, so you first link is first element, your break second, your second link third child, the break 4th child and your last link 5th child.

for a:hover to work, it should be after a:visited, the visited is compared to your browser history. Which color are the links? red?


yes .the links shows red color,
and that means nth-child will not work if i am using css for the first-child ..both will not work together ????


a:first-child and a:nth-child(3) only work on links you haven't visited, put in something rubbish (<a href=""> for example) and you will see it work


Yes ,I got it
** Thank you**