Prototyping: Ridgeline Project

Just finished my first project. First time using Figma. What an amazing program.

Here is my prototype:

Flow 1: switching to 2nd photo & back
Flow 2: selecting size med
Flow 3: unselecting size med
Flow 4: add to cart

Hey everyone,
My first prototype is here. Pls review and tell me what I could do better

Hello everybody :innocent: :yum:!
That’s my prototype for this project.
I’ll be glade to your opinion!))

Hey everyone,

Just finished my prototype. I wanna it share with everyone

Here is the link to it:

Here’s my own design for the Ridgeline project on UI/UX design course[Template]-Ridgeline-Prototype?node-id=0%3A1&t=AtcczE25wtVcGmyu-1