Prototyping: Ridgeline Project

Completed the project. Kindly view it @

Click the image slider to move between pages.
Click on see to the specific size interaction
click on the add to cart button to see the specific interaction.



I just started learning Figma this week. Here is my first prototype.

LMK what you think!

Baby’s first Figma Prototype! :grin: I’d still do some minor fiddling with white space etc., but that’s about what I envisioned. Still fond of the vertical navbar so that’s what I went with. Mainly grey-blueish colors because I want the mood to be calm and kinda zen, like one might feel during a trek through the mountains.
Interactions that work:

  1. Adding to cart via Click the Green icon → Click the XL button → Click the big red Shopping Bag Icon
  2. (At main page, after restart) Slide 1 photo to the left by clicking the left arrow
  3. (At main page, after restart) Click on the icon with the truck to get info on possible shipping options for the item

Lemme know what y’all think! Everyone’s looks different from each other but very cool so I’m kinda nervous now. :sweat_smile: