Protfolio Project_CPR

Thanks for taking a look at my Portfolio Project.

I spent the last couple of weeks working this assignment.

I thought the project was challenging because I had to refresh my memory of several topics as I was writing the code. It was a good project to use everything I’ve learned up to this point.

I could’ve spent more time on it to give it more motion but I it’s a good start.

Here is my link to Portfolio page: Chris Rau | Web Developer
Link to Code: GitHub - rau03/Portfolio

Any feedback would be great!

Great work. Congratulations.
A little advice from me you might use some more javascript to make visitors interact with your projects summaries.

Thank you for your suggestion. I will make those improvements.

Hi Chris,

Great project, great work love the design.

Have you noticed that if you see it on a mobile phone, or any landscape device the sidebar doesn’t let you see your main? ( fixing the responsiveness of it would improve drastically your page)
And maybe increase the size of the contact icons. testing with the chrome-dev 3-4rem seems to do the trick.

Hope my small feedback would be helpful some how. Anyhow if you don’t feel like putting more time on it I get the feeling.


Hi Niko,

Yes, thank. you! I pulled it up on my phone and noticed that. I’ll be sure to go back and fix it. A true rookie mistake! Your feedback was very valuable. I’d like to make it look more fluid and fuller. If that makes sense. It needs something a little more. Once I make the changes do you mind if I send it your way for you to take a look at it?