Properties exercice


Hi guys, i'm doing the Java exercices in French and i'm stuck to what seems to be a bug.

So they tell me that about my script :

"Oups, merci de réessayer. Assurez-vous d'utiliser au moins un point pour selectionner une propriete"

That i miss a point "." in my script about the "snoopy.espece" that i'm supposed to create. But how ? i'm pretty sure my script is correct but still they stuck me at that exercice that is getting on me for hours.

var snoopy = new Object();
snoopy.espece = "beagle";
snoopy.age = 10;

// enregistrez l'age et l'espece de Snoopy's dans des variables
// utilisez la notation avec point pour l'espece de snoopy
var espece = snoopy.espece = "beagle";
// utilisez la notation avec crochets pour son age
var age = snoopy["age"] = 10;

Please help me people


You're doing two assignments at a line where you're meant to do one.


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