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Hello I am stuck on the prompt exercise. I am doing what what they are asking me to do? But I keep getting an error message. This is what I put on the right side. prompt("where are you from?"); exact how the example is. the error message that comes up is Oops, try again. Something went wrong with your prompt. Check the Hint if you need help! what am I doing wrong?

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Be sure you assign the return value of the prompt() to a variable:

var locale = prompt("Where are you from?");


Thank you. I put a space between the quote and the word where. The code prompt (" Where are you from?"); instead of prompt("Where are you from?"); w


It still wont work. I have exactly prompt("Where are you from?"); in it!


Remember to assign the prompt()'s return value to a variable so you can use it in your code.


you have to have space after the quote prompt(" Where are you from?") This
work for me.

tiara mitchell


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