Prompt coding wont let me pass!

  1. prompt("What is your name?");
  2. prompt("What is Ubuntu?");
    Won't even work!


Can I see your full code to help please?

I think with this one you need to assign the answer to the prompt to a variable, like so:

var Answer = prompt("Question?");


I've been having the same issue too. I'm also wondering if the answer is
var Answer = prompt("Question?"); then why doesn't the guide say so? It just says to write the prompt as show in the examples.

My code:

prompt("Where are you from?");

And I get the error: Something went wrong with your prompt. Check the Hint if you need help!

I checked the hint, and it didn't help. This has to be a bug, because even copying and pasting does nothing.


Do you get a popup window with your "Where are you from?" message in it?


What exactly are the instructions?


My wife also got the "Something went wrong..." message and had "null" in the results window. She entered numerous attempts and ended up with what looked right but it still gave that message. I went through the course up to that point and got success but when I entered the same thing in her session it still gave that error message. I reset the code and tried again - same result. Seems like some sort of bug that something doesn't get reset. I doubt I could recreate this because I don't know exactly what she did up to that point. Very discouraging for a beginner. No pop up window - just "null" in the other window and the error message.


It sounds like something is blocking popups on that computer. Or maybe the "Prevent Site from Creating Anymore Dialogs" got checked at some point?

If you can't spot how to check for that, could you tell us the browser/OS combination and someone might be able to find a fix.


I impulsively checked the "Prevent Site from Creating Anymore Dialogs" box on the previous confirm to this one and now have this behavior. How might I reverse my choice so that I may continue the course?


I think that the solution will depend on your browser. Try googling for that phrase and include your browser name.

If you can't get it sorted, post your browser/OS details here and no doubt someone will be able to help you out.