Promp("Where are you from?")


promp() doesn't work


Here's a simple script I wrote using that function. Does looking at my script help you realize what needs to be fixed in yours? Let me know!


Thanks for youe answer, I have tried with this code prompt("What is your name?");
but, it doesn't work, maybe there is a problem with the website, it gives me an error.


Link me to the exercise?

You can try this exercise in a different browser if you haven't yet.


yes,the code is right, but i am doing javascript course in codecademy, here in this exercise, it gives me an error.


I have the same issue but i found that if i use Mozilla instead of Chrome then it works. Weird!


Same here, it is not working in IE


I had the same problem, I used IE and it works!


Doest not work with Chrome :frowning:


try everybody in internet works fine in internet explorer but not in google chrome