Promises vs If/else?

I am in the promises section of the JavaScript course and I am failing to understand the significance or really even the relevance of promises. Its a function, which has a success result and a failure result, and you can provide different functions to trigger depending on whether or not the condition outlined is true or false. How is this any different from If/else functions? You want the success of a task to trigger other tasks, but if it fails you want it to loop back or trigger a different set of tasks, I still don’t see how this is any different from basic boolean logic that we have already gone over? What is the real difference? Significance? Practical application?

if/else (conditionals) are synchronous, which means if we have:

if (condition1) {} else {}
if (condition2) {} else {}

condition2 to will always be resolved after condition1, condition2 has to wait for condition1 to finish

with promises (which are asynchronous), condition2 might be resolved before condition1 (if condition1 takes longer).

there are many practical usages, promises are very useful for something takes a “long” time. Like fetching data from an API/back-end. This takes “long”, a request has to be made to the server, request has to be processed and a response has to be send

you do not want this operation to be blocking operation, so that the rest of your application/website has to wait for this.