Promblem of webpage

when Iam running a code there is no thing is appeared on web page

( ’s server IP address could not be found.)

this message is always appeared instead


Please have a look at the trouble shooting guide:

If you still need further assistance, please provide a screenshot as well as course URL and more details

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At the right when clicking run no thing is happened .i tried to reload the page and i have a good connection to the internet but the problem is still on

Try logging in and out, another browser ? browser cache

Hey @data6580728171, thanks for trying to call some attention to this issue. To make sure our team hears about this, please report the issue.

To report the issue:

  1. Click GET HELP in the bottom right hand corner
  2. Select REPORT A BUG
  3. Share the screenshot you shared here, including the description, as well as the URL to the page you’re on, so we know exactly where it’s affected you.

Thank you for your patience and help with this.