My name is Petar and i recently started learning about coding using codecademy. The question i have is, is there a way for me to see all the little projects i did inside lessons? LIke dogyear calculator, kelvin to celsius calculator etc.

What programming language or path/course are you referring to?

Full-Stack Engineer / JavaScript

I don’t think there’s a dashboard or something where you can just check the projects you’ve finished. My recommendation is that you save them away in Evernote, OneNote,, GitHub, etc.


If you go to “My Home”, select “My courses” and then navigate to the correct course, it will display the Syllabus. From there, you can select your project and will be able to see the work you completed as part of that training. I did notice that one of my projects that I looked at from my completed work had not been saved correctly, but I’m not sure if that’s just an anomaly.
I definitely agree with @irlfede that using a source repository for your work, such as GitHub would be beneficial if you’re looking to review your progress or build a portfolio. :slight_smile:

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Will do that in future. Thanks for advice.

I dont know if my site is bugged or what. Im on 6% with FullStack Engineer. But when i go to my courses theres no course, in my home menu there is Fullstack Engineer. If i go in and then press view syllabus it open a page where it asks me to select career path like i have none, like i did for a first time.

Hm, that’s interesting. Might be something to reach out to support with. When I click the Syllabus of my current course, I’m taking to the course listing and can view each of the courses I’ve completed. :frowning: Sorry I couldn’t help.

It’s probably a bug that support will have to fix. Ty

The Career Paths “borrow” material from the individual courses. For example, if you complete the HTML parts of the Full Stack Career Path, and then go to catalog > HTML course, you’ll see that you haven’t even started it. However, if you do click to join/start the course, it will correctly show the lessons/quizzes/projects that you have previously completed in the Full Stack path.

Bottom line: it’s not a bug. It goes both ways. If you complete the HTML, CSS or whatever other related individual course and then look at your progress in the Full Stack path you’ll see that the progress bar has increased

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