Projects via Jupyter or Code Academy?

Question - I just started the Python Snytax Medical Insurance Project. It gave the options of completing the project in Code Academy or via Jupyter Notebook. I tried the Jupyter Notebook but didnt find it easier or more useful than completing the project in Code Academy directly (though not particularly worse). Is there any benefit Im missing to completing the project outside Code Academy? Otherwise it seems easier to do it all within Code Academy.

Wanted any suggestions. Thanks!

Hey Dave87m,

Codecademy is trying to introduce you to other developer tools. Codecademy is learning platform. As you progress in your career as a programmer, you will not be developing your projects on Codecademy 's platform. However, you’ll be using tools such as Jupyter Notebook, VSCode, and PyCharm.

It maybe easier to do it all within Codecademy; however, don’t be afraid to try these new tools! Over time, I promise you will prefer these tools over Codecademy’s platform ~ Give it time!

Best regards,

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