Projects seem way more advanced then what was covered in the HTML&CSS COURSE

Just wondering if its just me, or does anyone else feel like after completing the HTML&CSS course that not enough was covered to prepare you to complete the assigned projects?


For some immersion in jQuery and Bootstrap, try the interactive website project, but cover the jQuery track first. It is a quick introduction to some of the basics of jQuery. It should be preceded by the JavaScript track.

JS track
jQuery track
interactive website project
HTML projects.
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Thank you for the advice, was under the impression you were suppose to be able to complete all the project at the end of the HTML & CSS, so was very discouraged.

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I would say that you definitely will need to start learning about doing some web searches to hunt down syntax and to see what is available in the HTML/CSS world to help you complete the projects. Sometimes you will want to do something that wasn’t exactly covered. As @mtf mentions, the courses are an introduction and now you get a chance to apply what you’ve learned and also explore the hundreds? of other things that are out there.

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I was feeling the same way but it’s getting easier. The live chat helps. What also has been helping me has been opening the project “objective” in another browser window to see what the final product is supposed to look like.

Then I think about the elements and styling with what I know and have learned as to how I would make that before looking at the instructions, HTML, or CSS that has been given.

You can also view the objectives source code or inspect element to “cheat” a little bit.

Don’t get discouraged, it will get easier. If you need help and it is past hours, feel free to drop me a message and I can help you with the lessons.

Hope this was helpful!

Thank you so much for your reply. I haven’t worked on it in a few months, but trying to get back on track. When I started the projects I was having to google to find the solution, and I really want to know how to do it myself. Just seems some of the stuff in the projects are from other aspects like Java, or ruby all things that I haven’t even looked at yet. But I really appreciate the help and will most definitely try your suggestions. Thank you so much.

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You’re welcome! I am on the “Best-Bite” project right now. Just keep working through everything even if you know it’s not correct, sometimes the light-bulb switch will go off later in another exercise. It’s all just HTML and CSS. The bootstrap is just a pre-made set of classes/selectors to draw upon.

Personally, it was a bit overwhelming to see so many at once and I feel like I would rather build my own from scratch but I am sure it will all make sense in time!

There’s a lot to learn. I thought it would help my own learning to come to these forums and answer people’s questions. They say that when you really know something you can teach it, so maybe that might help you learn as well !