Projects In Mind

What type of projects do you want to create?

I’ve always wanted to create a messaging app… though that’s decades away for me. Right now I’m still a beginner stuck on Python

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Nothing wrong with being a beginner at all! Every programmer, regardless of how advanced they are now had to start off somewhere and being perservering through being a beginner is (in my opinion) one of the most important stages when learning to code! :smile:

The most important thing I would note is practise, practise, practise. Learning to code is like learning any “normal” language or like learning to play a musical instrument, the more you do and the more you practise, the more experianced you’ll become and (by extension) the better you’ll be. The exact way that’s best to do that varies from person to person but a couple of the more popular ways are taking physical notes (although I’ve never found that to work very well for me), making projects locally (which I cannot stress the importance of enough) and using a code practise site like CodeWars/LeetCode.

That aside, I’m personally interested in web development and trying to make a portfolio for myself (in React) look a little nicer, although I’m definately not a fan of CSS :laughing:.


Same, CSS is not my strength.

It’s fun when it works! But most of the time I just cannot get it to work and it ends up with more headaches than anything else :joy:

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