Projects in HTML&CSS section

Do I need to know more than HTM&CSS for these projects because they are asking me to do stuff that wasn’t covered in the lessons or the quizzes I took?

A steep learning curve…

I think it is better, if one understands the concept.

It all start’s with you,
using a Browser
in which you load a HTML-file,
which we will call the HTML-Document.

This document has a minimal build of

<!DOCTYPE html>
          <title> </title>
       <!-- here you insert your HTML-code -->

The Browser =load’s= this document into Memory
in a pattern that is described as
the Document Object Model
in short the DOM.
( the interpretation of the DOM is Browser & Version specific )

       |            |
     head          body

In the description of your document in DOM-talk…
you will encounter terms like:
parent children sibling descendants ascendants…

The HTML-Element has no parent
but is a parent to 2 child-Element’s
the ‘head’-Element
the ‘body’-Element.

The ‘head’- and ‘body’-Element,
both being children to the ‘html’-Element
are siblings to each-other.

The ‘head’-Element is parent to the ‘title’-Element…
the ‘title’-Element is a child of the ‘head’-Element
the ‘title’-Element is also a descendant of the ‘html’-Element.

The DOM has several interface’s
over which you can access the data**/**information
held by the DOM.

One of the interface’s is the Element-interface
you can divide the interface into
properties ( consisting of a property-key and it’s associated VALUE )
methods ( giving you the functionality to manipulate the Elements )

What exactly is it, that you need to do which wasn’t covered? Well, we can’t just repeat what you already know, then you wouldn’t learn anything new. You can always search on MDN if you need more information about something specific

Ok thank you I’ll check out those links

Ok thank you I’ll check out MDI

If you still need help, please provide us with your code so we can help you :slight_smile:

Sorry, i hadn’t seen the other reply yet. I will take a look there