Projects in Codecademy that I can learn regarding Intelligence Computing

Dear Codecademy,

I have been your member (subscriber) for the last 6 months) and I am really glad that I have been your member as it really helped me with my internship as a full-stack developer.

However, now as a final year Student I really need to create a Final Year Project for my University. It has to be something related with either AI, Machine Learning or anything related with Intelligence Computing. However, this is my weakness as I don’t really have a good understanding regarding AI nor ML. Hence, I really need your help advice regarding this.

Furthermore, do you have like a project walkthrough for a project related with Intelligence Computing? Maybe I can tried to create that project but modify it and improve it. But I also need to learn and understand the project. Therefore, Please help me. Thank you.

Note: when I tried the full-stack developer career path, it really help me a lot as in that course there are a lot of idea project that I can create and even help to improve those projects. I really need idea for it for my Intelligence Computing Project. Thank you.