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I have nearly completed the Web Dev path and want some ideas for Project for building my Portfolio. There were projects in the course, but I had only a minor contribution in all of them as most of the code was prewritten. I request for some ideas that can be implemented by technologies taught in Web Dev path so that I can create something from scratch.


I have said it before but I will say it again…
I would build a reference sheet, similar to

It is a great way take note, practice your web development skills, and as an added bonus if your wifi goes out and you need to review you can still access it. :smiley:


Another idea could be creating your resume as a webpage. :slight_smile:


Guys I had a question creeping around my head since I started learning web development I know it might sound dumb but the question is that “How the project is presented to us?”. I mean is it in the form of a paragraph or some sort UML diagrams.
I request you guys to kindly brief me on this.
Thanks In Advance…:slight_smile:

Can you explain what project?

Some ideas for projects:
landing page;
games(ping-pong, tetris,chess board) - such games are great opportunities to improve knowledge in JS or frameworks. Also such games give an opportunity to establish a kind of data storage,to understand the structure of code and how it works.
application using AJAX request

If you choose to hack a program that is not open source, I highly suggest doing legal research on the program in mind first.
Most companies terms and conditions say that you are not alowed to edit the program, occasionaly they may even revoke your rights to use the program. Choosing to hack most multiplayer games, can result in banishment from the server and revoking your right to use their code.
There are countries in fact where it is illegal to edit certain programs or jailbreak devices due to copywrite laws.

If you are looking for games to hack I suggest finding one that is either open source or already built to use mods.

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im using open source games not acutal hacks

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