Projects i can do just using HTML?

Hi guys.
Hope we are all ok during lock down :+1:

I know its early stages yet but i have just finished the “Learn HTML” section on the Web Development course. Next up is the “Styling a Website” section.

Is there any projects i could do just using HTML just for a bit of practice??

Thank you in advance, and stay safe.

Hello @gymgeekray :grinning:

HTML can be used to do a number of things, such as:

  • A personal document
  • You could organize pictures,
  • Store a list of links to your favorite websites
  • Or compile information about something you enjoy, into a file that can be shared over the

One of the projects recommended by Codecademy is to create a cheetsheet.

I think this is an excellent project. Having your own material to reference can be extremely helpful, and can be built for your needs. :grinning:

how create cheatsheesheet using html only help me

Creating a cheetsheet will give you practice with HTML, and CSS if you are using it for styling.
It can be used as basicly an advanced note bad.

Also if you make your own cheetsheet, it will be better suited for you.
You can list certain elements that you are more prone to use, and examples for the ways that you use it.

Say for example you often need to design a header that is in your ‘signature’ way.
You can list the basic elements you usually use, and find it just by looking for the section you wrote about header.

Here, check out this topic: