Hi, Where can i share my project that i created in web development project(Html and css) ? i just want to be sure that i have done right work or where can i see other people project to get more idea about different html methods ?

You can make your own free github account and upload your project there! It’s very easy to link from there to other places (like here)

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Additionally, you can deploy your page as a webpage on github itself so we can see and inspect the page without having to download the project, and it’s both free and easy to do once you know how. Just go to your project’s repo, then click Settings , scroll down to the GitHub Pages section, choose a branch and specify the folder with your index.html (the default /(root) is correct if the index.html is in the main directory, otherwise pick the correct subfolder). This is optional, but also really cool since it allows your github to function as both a code repo and a portfolio site.

If you haven’t studied git/command line stuff yet, I’m pretty sure files can be uploaded in the browser.

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