Please I need lines of code for this challenge
Build & Style The UI

  • Create a BUTTON element with ID of filter-query , and give it a CSS class of mdc-icon-button and material-icons . Set its text to filter_list .
  • Create a DIV element and give it a CSS class of select . Within the DIV, create a SELECT element with a CSS class of select-text
  • The SELECT element should have an option that is disabled and selected by defualt. Give this option any text you like, e.g “Select User”
  • Next, create a new DIV with a CSS class of user-photo . Inside it, create an IMAGE and set its src to a placeholder from Make sure to give your IMAGE an alternate text
  • Next, create a DIV with CSS class of details and mdc-elevation--z3 . This DIV should have 5 PARAGRAPH elements, each containing a SPAN with CSS class prop and another SPAN with CSS class of value

Hey @smartakin! Sorry, we can’t just give you the answer to the challenge. If you send us your code, we can try to find errors in it, but it is against guidelines to post the answer to the exercise questions.

<p> Age:<span class="prop"> data-age</span> ,<span class="value"> data-age-value </span></p>
<p> Height: <span class="prop">data-height</span>,<span class="value"> data-height-value</span></p>
          <p> Weight:<span class="prop"> data-weight</span>,<span class="value"> data-weight -value</span></p>
          <p>Gender:<span class="prop">data-gender</span>,<span class="value"> data-gender -value</span></p>
          <p>Country:<span class="prop">data-country</span>,<span class="value">data-country-value</span></p>