Project: ViPynen - Download and work with data through an API

I am making an open source project for a software that collects saved data from Vipunen, a Finnish official site for statistics regarding higher education in Finland. I will make regular updates in this on how the project is fairing.

The original Script that was the start can be found on my personal webpage (In Swedish)

But for the latest unstable, and sometimes not working code can be found on GitHub:

Some things are obvious “works in progress”, while other things are not.

But the goal of the project (skills required in parantheses):
Create a script for fetching data from Vipunen (requests, working with API:s, JSON)
Make a function for data visualization (pandas, scipy, numpy, matplotlib)
The user needs to be able to download the data or work within the computer memory (I/O)
Make a GUI (In Django (Web) or Tkinter (Desktop))

Feel free to add ideas tips etc.