Project Roll Dice problem

Hi guys,

I have an issue with the symbols. For instance “>” appears in red and it should be in white as it is a comparator. Furthermore, I don’t now why “raw_input” appears in white while it should be in red.

Can you help me out please?


Hey, welcome to the forum!

You have an issue, sure, but it’s not with your symbols or the colour of the text in the editor…

The terminal is telling you what the error is:

$ python
  File "", line 18
    if guess . max val
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

You seem to have forgotten to click the “Save” / “Run” button at the bottom of the editor, because your code reads if guess > max_val but the error reads if guess . max val.

Your code on that line remains incorrect, either way - and not because the colour of the > symbol is “wrong”. :slight_smile: