Project question#2


the second question of the project: "Return the name, category, and price of the app that has been downloaded the least amount of times.


I don't want to just give the puzzle away. Thinking in SQL takes a bit of practice.

To get anything out you are going to have to start with SELECT ... so select what?, what columns do you want to select?

Glossary of SQL Commands

Tell me a bit (or talk out loud :smile:) about the SQL commands that we've looked at so far, that you think might help with this query.

I looked back at the final exercise and copied out the list of what we've used so far to make queries:

SELECT is the clause you use every time you want to query information from a database.
WHERE is a popular command that lets you filter the results of the query based on conditions that you specify.
LIKE and BETWEEN are special operators that can be used in a WHERE clause
AND and OR are special operators that you can use with WHERE to filter the query on two or more conditions.
ORDER BY lets you sort the results of the query in either ascending or descending order.
LIMIT lets you specify the maximum number of rows that the query will return. This is especially important in large tables that have thousands or even millions of rows.