Project: Personal Portfolio

I really enjoyed it. it was easy tbh . But i took 2days. :sweat_smile:I love to have feedbackes! the link to my repo github and the link to my live page Github Page. I haved used css animation . I have created slide menu using java script.(it was quite hard) Resize the the window to see my little magic( just kidding nothing special)


Looks good ma’!
keep it up!

Very Nice! Keep it up!

Hi! Nice website!

I think it’s simple and clean and works well, it is responsive and you realy took care of semantic HTML. Just a couple of things:

  • I would recommend to add a to your repositories to add basic info like a description, the link to the website and the version.
  • It is just personal but it feels weird to have a pointer when hovering the image but don’t have any link, for me the cursor should indicate some kind of action. (The same for the skills, the hover rotation is really nice but the cursor feels weid).

Good job, keep it up! :grinning: :muscle: