Project Meal Maker

Hello, everybody, would you help me with a project Meal Maker, I stuck in there. I did everything according the video “project work-through”, but there are still some mistakes that I can’t understand.

So step away from the walk through video for a second, and figure out, how could we debug this issue? Te simplest solution would be to insert a .log() call to inspect what the function is doing:

    console.log(this._courses, courseName);

which shows that coursesdoesn't have aappetizer` property.

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So, what should do I change? Sorry, I’ve just started learning web-development, I could not to understand many things.

you use courseName a key/property. However, as you can see when you add the .log() to your code, the property does not exercises on the _courses object

so courseName is the parameter of a method, the parameter gets its value from argument when you call the method

so where do you call `the addDishToCourse method?

fundamental part of programming is to understand the flow of your program. If you struggle with understanding the flow, there are tools like this one:

to step through your code. (make sure you select the right language)

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Thank you! You helped me

You can’t imagine how much I’m grateful to you!:slight_smile:

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