Project Marketing Attribution

Feel free to comment on this presentation…

I like your presentation very much. I need to learn how to upload slides like this, as opposed to just giving a link to google sheets. Did you just copy and paste them? The page on model comparison tools was very informative for me. I like that you presented options for attribution modeling, and I think the two you chose were the most logical.

I also viewed the purchase touchpoint as more important than the last touchpoint where purchase didn’t occur (I believe that is your middle touchpoint). I wrote another query or two to try and find correlation between the first touchpoints and last touchpoints resulting in purchase. I came to the same conclusion as you with this approach. The only issue I noticed with this presentation is the discrepancy between last touches on the purchase page between diagram 9 and diagram 12. When you select with WHERE for purchase page in the last_touch temporary table, you get 361. When you wait select with WHERE until after the join in your lt.attr table, it only returns 358 purchases. I’m sorry but I can’t figure out why that is. If you can, please respond and help me to see it.(Could 2 page visits from the same user have the same timestamp?) Thanks!

p.s. the formatting of your queries looks excellent


I’m really sorry for the slow responding.

How I upload the slides? I saved presentation (.pdf) in .jpg format. Then it is possible to download the slides directly here (using the UPLOAD-link in the bar).

I wondered the same thing you did with the discrepancy between last touches on the purchase. I had an explanation for it, but when I didn’t write it up right away, now it would be more of a guess.