Project: Marketing Attribution For - Learning Path name: Analyze Data with SQL

Hello! This is my Marketing Attribution
For project and summary slide deck detailing my code and resultant tables generated for each question.

I had fun with this exercise, and really enjoyed question 7! In my role at work, I am a customer insights manager, so the data I bring forward is only as powerful as the action-oriented recommendation I can provide back to the company. Love being able to connect raw data to actionable insight, to business results!

Hope you like my project!

Feedback welcome!

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Hi Jennifer,
I looked over your google slides and the programming aspect is pretty much flawless. All of the queries were accurate and looked nice. My only feedback for the programming part was your use of aliases. For most of the slides, you didn’t use any aliases. Also for sources, you used ‘utm’. UTM isn’t the source. As for the presentation part, you added almost no explanations for your queries or data.

Report: 1 (no captions/explanations)
Query Accuracy: 4 (perfect queries)
Query Formatting: 4 (perfect queries)
Understanding concepts: 3 (confused utm w/ source)

Overall, very nicely done. Just add some captions next time.